4 Tips to Choosing the Most Reliable Auto Insurance Company

4 Tips to Choosing the Most Reliable Auto Insurance Company

With scams and price-gougers at every turn, it can become quite difficult to find a reliable auto insurance provider. These days, it seems as if many establishments are more focused on profits than customer satisfaction. These unscrupulous practices can rob money from unsuspecting consumers without them even realizing it.

How can you separate the good auto insurance companies from the bad?

Here are 4 action steps you can take right now to help ensure that you sign on with a reliable insurance company:

  1. Your State Department of Insurance – Thankfully, every state has a department of insurance which at times posts consumer complaints and information about the companies selling auto insurance in a specific state. Regardless of the perceived trust and popularity level of the brand, check your state’s department of insurance website for complaints. If your state site does not rate the business you are researching, visit another state site and gather data. You can find all of the contact information for the individual state insurance departments here.
  2. Talk to Insurance Agents – Many people shun the idea of working with an agent, yet at times agents can be very helpful resources. These experts work with hundreds of agencies and they will provide you with a company that can meet your needs and price expectations. You can choose an exclusive agent (works with one insurance company) or an independent agent who works with several companies (a better choice if you are considering more than one auto insurance provider).

Tip: If you come across a better deal than your agent provides, do not feel obligated to stay with him/her. You should always do what is in your best interest. Check here and see what our providers are offering in your area.

  1. Contact Local Body Shops – Why not get some advice from the companies who work with auto insurance companies on a daily basis? Your trusted local body shop can provide you with critical information and recommendations based on their exposure to and regular communication with insurance adjusters.
  2. Check financial ratings – Though customer service is extremely important, knowing a company’s ability to pay out a claim can also help you make an informed choice. Visit the Standard & Poor’s website to see the financial strength of each company.

Most people do not have the time or energy to research auto insurance providers. Unfortunately, they are at risk of losing money or facing terrible customer service. It’s worth the few hours to research your options and take a step in the right direction. Choosing a reliable auto insurance provider is not difficult; you just need to take the initiative to find one.  Check out our auto insurance providers here and get a free quote.

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