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My Ex Husband Skipped Out On My Joint Credit Card Account. What Do I Do?

July 11, 2011

A reader wrote in with a unique and troublesome problem: My ex-husband kept a joint account credit card from Lowe’s that I had forgotten we had. When I went to get a loan my credit rating showed that I had a balance of over $3,000 from that card. All the transactions were done after I […]

I’m Repairing My Credit, But Need A New Loan – What Is Best For Me to Do?

July 4, 2011

Hello, I was wondering… I need $3,000 and wanted to apply for a credit card. I have two cards right now, but the limits are only $300.00. I pay them on time but in the past years my credit was horrible. My score is still only in the 500s. What card do you know of […]

What Happens to An Authorized User During Bankruptcy?

June 27, 2011

Hi, I have just finished filing individual chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was an authorized user on one of my husband’s credit cards, and I believe the firm included it in my bankruptcy…what effect will that have on him? Michele Michele, first off, I love the spelling with only one L. It’s my personal favorite. This […]

How Do They Calculate Credit Scores When You Apply for A Loan?

June 23, 2011

When you apply for a credit card or car loan, how do they figure out your credit score? Do they add 3 of them & divide by 3 or look at each one? My average score is 680. Is this good or bad? Thanks, Ali B Hey there. Well, you’re right. There are three credit […]

Can too Many Inquiries Hurt Your Credit Score?

June 16, 2011

Question: I was wondering, can applying for seven or eight credit cards at the same time hurt your credit score? I have excellent credit, but I would like to take advantage of some of the different miles and point promotions going on right now. I just don’t want to tank my score if I do. […]

How Many Credit Cards Should You Have if You Want to Raise Your Credit Score?

May 19, 2011

  At we enjoy helping people understand credit cards, and we frequently get great questions from our readers. Here’s a really smart question written by someone who wants to raise their credit score in order to get a car loan: I’ve never really paid much attention to my credit score, because I only have […]

Credit Card Debate

May 10, 2011

Credit Cards are the subject of continuous controversy. On one side are consumer advocates who encourage the use of credit cards by people who are consistently able to manage their finances without incurring debt. On the other extreme are many personal finance authors who cater to those less able to manage their finances. Their advice […]

How to Choose a Balance Transfer Credit Card

April 3, 2011

How to Choose a Balance Transfer Credit Card – Do you Read the Fine Print? It’s hard to pass up an enticing 0% balance transfer offer, especially for those people who currently hold high balances on their credit cards. Who wouldn’t love 6-12 months of bank-paid interest? A majority of Americans pay hundreds and thousands […]

Should You Monitor Your Child’s Credit Report?

March 9, 2011

Would you believe there are thieves out there trying to “sell” Social Security numbers to help people boost their credit scores? The FBI says that quite a few of these numbers are actually Social Security numbers belonging to children. Since children must now have their own Social Security number, hackers are finding ways to steal […]

Tips on Showing Your Child How to Use Credit Wisely

March 5, 2011

Starting back in February 2010, persons under the age of 21 will no longer be able to get a credit card WITHOUT an adult co-signer – or PROOF that they have the income to repay the credit card. In the past, credit card companies rushed to college campuses (even some high schools) to sign up […]