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FHA 203k Certified Contractors – where do I find one?

May 13, 2013

The Search Begins….. Finding a certified FHA 203k contractor can be a hard thing to come by – why, you ask?  Simple – FHA / HUD does not maintain a database, train contractors, or even approve them to do work.  Finding a contractor to use in the FHA 203k renovation mortgage process is the responsibility of the […]

How Does a HUD 203k Inspection Differ from a Standard Home Inspection?

June 13, 2012

This is a guest post from Steven Laszlo (S0640), FHA 203k consultant and a trained home inspector in California. I asked Steven if we could put this on our site because this question comes up all the time from homebuyers, Realtors and even other loan officers when I train them. Its an important subject that […]

The FHA 203K Mortgage Process

May 14, 2012

 The FHA 203k is a great loan for someone making a purchase or refinancing, and these steps will provide you with a road-map to understanding the process. 1)    The Buyer works with a realtor to find the right property for them, or the owner is ready for a renovation on their existing property. 2)    Get […]


May 7, 2012

Many are surprised to find out that you can use a FHA 203k loan to refinance or purchase a property and roll in the cost of rehabilitation and renovation. This is one of the great ideas behind the FHA 203k loan. Frequently, I receive calls from customers stating they don’t have enough equity in their […]

Eligible Improvements Using the FHA 203K Loan

April 26, 2012

Lately I’ve been asked, “What are some allowable improvements when we use the FHA 203k rehab mortgage”? I’d like to give you some basic information that you can use to help understand how the FHA 203k renovation mortgage works and what is eligible. These are prime times for the FHA 203k program more than ever. […]

FHA 203K Mortgages and First Time Home Buyers

March 22, 2012

It’s important for the first time home buyer to know what the expenses are when they are buying a home. Many first time buyers get stuck on what the down payment and closing costs are, but they don’t look beyond that. They need to consider what they may need in addition to those items. The […]

4-Steps to moving 3 million REO properties with a 203k and other tools

March 3, 2012

This is a great blog post from Vito Simone, an FHA 203k consultant who services the Maryland area. His contact information is below and his blog can be viewed at 4-Steps to moving 3 million REO properties with a 203k and other tools There is NO example of government owned rentals that have proven to […]

Understanding the Specification of Repairs (SOR)

February 19, 2012

FHA 203k Work Write-Up – Specification of Repairs (SOR) It is imperative for the customer, Realtor and general contractor to understand the importance of the Specification of Repairs. Unlike the bid itself from the contractor, this document is attached to the appraisal report and presented to the appraiser to assist in determining the value and future […]

How come more people don’t use FHA 203k loans?

February 14, 2012

Knowledge & Experience Needed! Why don’t more Realtors and customers use FHA 203k loans? It’s a great question! The answer really lies in the fact that most lenders (in house mortgage companies for the Realtors) don’t do the FHA 203k loan, or just don’t do it well. Secondly, Realtors have fear about the FHA 203k loan because of past […]

Weather Conditions

February 5, 2012

We get A LOT of questions that come in all the time and we try to answer as many of them as we can in blog posts so future customers will be able to see these posts and potentially have their questions answered up front. Weather Conditions One of our most recent questions was from a client in New Hampshire.  The customer […]

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