Understand, Track and Protect Your Credit

Your Credit Score can make a big difference in your interest rates and loan payments**. It is critical that you understand it, track it, and protect it.
3-in-1 Monitoring makes it easy for you to track and protect your credit. It monitors all three of your nationwide credit reports and alerts you within 24 hours of key changes.

Benefits Include:

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Know Before You Go!

It’s important now more than ever that you, as a consumer, understand your credit before you apply for a loan. By now, most wage-earning adults in the US are aware of the term “tight credit” – the notion that lenders are lending or only giving the best loan terms, to the best applicants. Those with […]

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How Many Credit Cards Should You Have if You Want to Raise Your Credit Score?

  At AskMrCreditCard.com we enjoy helping people understand credit cards, and we frequently get great questions from our readers. Here’s a really smart question written by someone who wants to raise their credit score in order to get a car loan: I’ve never really paid much attention to my credit score, because I only have […]

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Credit Card Debate

Credit Cards are the subject of continuous controversy. On one side are consumer advocates who encourage the use of credit cards by people who are consistently able to manage their finances without incurring debt. On the other extreme are many personal finance authors who cater to those less able to manage their finances. Their advice […]

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Are your protecting yourself against credit card fraud?

Due to the recent global economic crisis, credit card fraud has been identified as the #1 fear among Americans above a national health epidemic and terrorism*. Concern of identity fraud supersedes most worries in the country and as a result many people are beginning to take it very seriously. Poor credit can damage your financial […]

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Should You Monitor Your Child’s Credit Report?

Would you believe there are thieves out there trying to “sell” Social Security numbers to help people boost their credit scores? The FBI says that quite a few of these numbers are actually Social Security numbers belonging to children. Since children must now have their own Social Security number, hackers are finding ways to steal […]

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