Home Improvements BEFORE You Sell?

By getting a good understanding of what potential buyers are looking for before you list your home, you will have an advantage over other listings. Lets face the facts; today’s home buyers are LESS WILLING to COMPROMISE!

Seller’s Temptation: To clean up the yard, de-clutter the house, and put it up on the market without spending a dime. Why would you want to right? You’re trying to sell in this market and break even or make as much profit that you can! WRONG!

Some agents will recommend you do AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to get your home ready for sale. And I am not saying this won’t work…if you are pricing it at a bargain. However, most buyers in today’s market are nervous and picky. They are not in a hurry and want a house that is in move-in ready condition.

So as a seller what do you do? Of course you don’t want to invest in your home when you are trying to sell and not get back your investment! Well….here are a few key things to consider when deciding what to do before you list:

1. Find an agent who can see the vision and potential in your home. It can COST YOU A SALE if you don’t. One agent told a seller not to do anything before listing (For their reputation I will not mention any names). The house was nice but the seller’s furniture was too large and made the rooms look small and the hardwood was damaged by the dogs, and the yard was overgrown. After the house didn’t sell another agent was hired (guess who?) who recommended a large list of items to address BEFORE listing the home. Unfortunately, due to the market decline, even thought the house sold quickly with multiple offers now, it sold for less than what it would have if it showed right the first time it hit the streets!  So the lesson here is…find the agent who is looking out for you! Sometimes we don’t tell you what you want to hear (like don’t do anything we will sell your house fast anyway). Find the person who will tell you the TRUTH (ex: do these repairs and then I can list your home). The wait will be worth it when you actually sell!

2. When you find the right agent. Ask for a list of contractors who you can call to help get the work done for competitive prices.

3. Have the agent prioritize the list of To-Do’s for you in order to get a timely sale. Typically the kitchen is a good place to start. Usually some cost-effective improvements like changing light fixtures, changing cabinet hardware, replacing a out-dated floor, or painting can be all you need. At times it may make sense to change a counter-top or old appliances. However, gutting a kitchen or remodeling it is not usually going to get your money back at the sale.

4. PAINT PAINT PAINT! Paint is a great idea and sometimes one you seller’s take on without any advise. Paint is the most cost effective and likely the best return on your investment, PROVIDED YOU USE THE RIGHT COLORS! That is what we are here for. If you don’t know let us help pick them out! We run with buyers everyday and know what the majority are looking for. When you are selling you can’t paint what YOU like. It is no longer about you but IT’S ABOUT THE NEW BUYER! We are here to make suggestions based on our experiences and expertise

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