FHA 203K Rehab Loans

Financing your purchase or refinance and being able to include repairs, appliances, upgrades. This program is perfect if you are buying a short sale, foreclosure or if you just want to upgrade your house - you can borrow what your home will be worth when...
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Bi-Weekly Payment Accelerator

Pay off your mortgage in 23 years and under. Save tens of thousands in interest. Own your home faster and build equity.
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FHA 203k Mortgages & Multi-Unit Family Properties

Another Great Use! Buying and rehabbing a multi-family unit property can be done using the FHA 203k loan.  I’ve done a few of these loans and they are absolutely great!  I’m currently doing one right now — it’s a four-unit property and it’s a big job. The FHA 203k loan limits, which you can check out here, are much higher as […]

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FHA 203K…The Contingency Reserve

What’s The Contingency Reserve? The Contingency Reserve is something that needs to be addressed because it’s an extremely important part of the FHA 203k loan.  The Contingency Reserve is there for cost overruns- it is a component that is put in place to protect the home buyer or home refinancer in case of additional costs or expenses […]

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Have you seen the show “Property Brothers” on HGTV?

I got really excited one day when this new show came out called the “Property Brothers.” I swear when I watch the show I think that I may actually be related to these guys in one-way or another. I believe I might be the third brother- the one that nobody knows about- the one that […]

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Cherry Hill, NJ Home Buyers being asked to pay upfront lender fees???

Recently I have been hearing a disturbing trend of First Time Home Buyers in Cherry Hill, NJ being asked to pay upfront lender fees such as an application fee. This is not a requirement and simply should not be paid. I would actually question what type of mortgage lender or broker you are speaking with […]

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Know Before You Go!

It’s important now more than ever that you, as a consumer, understand your credit before you apply for a loan. By now, most wage-earning adults in the US are aware of the term “tight credit” – the notion that lenders are lending or only giving the best loan terms, to the best applicants. Those with […]

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My Ex Husband Skipped Out On My Joint Credit Card Account. What Do I Do?

A reader wrote in with a unique and troublesome problem: My ex-husband kept a joint account credit card from Lowe’s that I had forgotten we had. When I went to get a loan my credit rating showed that I had a balance of over $3,000 from that card. All the transactions were done after I […]

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I’m Repairing My Credit, But Need A New Loan – What Is Best For Me to Do?

Hello, I was wondering… I need $3,000 and wanted to apply for a credit card. I have two cards right now, but the limits are only $300.00. I pay them on time but in the past years my credit was horrible. My score is still only in the 500s. What card do you know of […]

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What Happens to An Authorized User During Bankruptcy?

Hi, I have just finished filing individual chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was an authorized user on one of my husband’s credit cards, and I believe the firm included it in my bankruptcy…what effect will that have on him? Michele Michele, first off, I love the spelling with only one L. It’s my personal favorite. This […]

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How Do They Calculate Credit Scores When You Apply for A Loan?

When you apply for a credit card or car loan, how do they figure out your credit score? Do they add 3 of them & divide by 3 or look at each one? My average score is 680. Is this good or bad? Thanks, Ali B Hey there. Well, you’re right. There are three credit […]

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NJ FHA 203k Success Story – Yep we did it again!

It’s starting to sound like a bad Britney Spears song (sorry to all you Britney fans out there) but … Ooops…We Did It Again! We took a wonderful NJ couple and showed them the power of the FHA 203k mortgage program.  We showed the customer once again that by using this mortgage program that you […]

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